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Studio updates.


I've been feeling rather uninspired lately. I haven't posted anything particularly recent on here. Here's more stuff that I've done within the last month. This photoset is a representation of how I have been feeling. 

People on the internet haven't been too fond of this set, but I'm learning to not care what people think and do what I want artistically no matter what. 

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Sam & Samantha Engagement Photos

I haven't done too many engagement photos, but i get excited every time I do one. I love hearing everyone's stories of how they met, who they are together and what their wedding will be like. This couple contacted me asking if I could do a last minute shoot before they flew out to their wedding in Florida. Unfortunately, because of the hurricane they had to reschedule the wedding, but at least they have some nice engagement photos to look at until then. ;) 

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Drawing my troubles away.

So, fun fact about me. I actually do more than just photography. That is only a small slice in the many things I love to do. One of my favorite things in the entire world is to draw. Drawing has always been my #1 way of escaping reality, ever since I was a little kid. It's incredibly meditative and therapeutic to get lost in a piece of art for hours, even days on end. 

It's funny, I feel that I have a very distinct style when it comes to my drawings, black and white dotwork of flowers and natural things. My photography, however, still hasn't found its niche yet. I get so bored doing the same thing, because there are a world of artistic opportunities within it. 

Anyway, I guess what I'm getting at is that I'm going to slow down on photography for a while and focus more on my other love, drawing. I will be posting all of my art on here, since, well, this is my art website and I can do what I want. I figured you guys would maybe be interested in my artistic journey, but mostly I want a way of documenting it. 


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So Botanical

I did a photoshoot with model Shalayna the other day! She's such an amazing model. She knew exactly how to pose and where to go and how to dress. She was perfect! I definitely suggest using her if you're looking for a good fashion model.

Check out her instagram for more great photos!!


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Witchcraft & Wilderness

This photoshoot was a very interesting yet fun one to do! The model here is actually my very good friend Kaia. She and I met in photography class a few years ago. She is an amazing nature photographer and clearly a great model too. :) 

Kaia came to me asking if we could do a shoot based around her shirt which reads "Let's Summon Demons." I was very quick to agree. We got ready and drove around on highway 101 until we found this cute little hidden field off the side of the road. The sun was going down FAST, so we needed to move quickly. 

Here are some of my favorites from it. 

Nicolette Vescovi

The great eclipse happened a few days ago, and since I did not get a photo of it, I decided to construct my own eclipse through photoshop. As you guys may or may not know, I have a love for self portraits. It's not because I'm vain or anything. I feel like it's my own special form of expressing myself that is purely me. 

If you'd like to know how I edited this, check out the video below! 


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Good things come from the unexpected

I'm pretty jazzed about officially starting this little blog of mine. I hope to post photography tips and just my general thoughts on photoshoots. Whatever is on my mind that day as well.

I am also SO excited about the photos I've been editing today. I took some photos of my good friend, Bri, when I found out one of my sessions needed to be rescheduled last minute. 

My head was already spinning with great ideas, I just needed to take pictures of someone. Here are some of my favorites from this fun mini session around my neighborhood. 


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Hello there! Here is my blog that I will post behind the scenes photos and other things on. Enjoy! 

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